• Rooms
  • Entertainment
  • Security
  • Cleaning
  • Comms
  • Activities


  • All rooms have en-suite bathrooms & hot showers
  • Towels & linen provided
  • Dorms & Private rooms available

We like to encourage a great Brazilian communal atmosphere here at Bananas Hostel, but everyone needs a little down time, away from the madding crowd. That's why we've made our private rooms and dormitories as comfortable as we can. Also, there'll be no sneaking about the hostel in a damp towel, while clutching at your wash bag, for you (unless you really want to). Your shower is just that... Your shower, in your room, just for you.

Comfort & Entertainment

  • Guest kitchen
  • Breakfast included (except long term rental)
  • Hammocks
  • BBQ
  • Garden with 'Honey Trap' chill out area
  • Happy fun time Bar-Nana bar
  • Games – incl backgammon, chess, cards, dominos, boules etc
  • Library with book exchange
  • Various magazines and information booklets

Here at Bananas Hostel we will literally* bend over backwards to make sure you're comfortable and entertained. There is so much to do here at the hostel that we could well understand if you never wanted to leave! But we'll give you a friendly prod in the direction of the nearest sights and sounds, to make sure that you make the most of your visit to stunning Itacaré. Don't panic though, we're only here to suggest and guide... If swinging lazily in a hammock, while sipping on a cool drink is your idea of doing something great... Well, we'd have to agree.

*By which we mean metaphorically

Security & Access

  • Safe for small items
  • Lockers in rooms
  • No Curfew
  • No Lockout

Your valuables are... valuable, so keep them safe in our... safe, or lock them (you see where we're going here?) in your locker. There we go! Peace of mind while you're busy enjoying yourself around Itacaré. Speaking of enjoying yourself. We know that sometimes the party is only just getting started when others are going to bed. That's why we don't set a curfew or lock you out. So you can come back when you feel like it, without fear of us waiting on the doorstep, tapping our slippered foot and asking if you know what time it is. We only ask that you respect that others may be asleep, so keep your giggles, bumps, and shhhh's down.


  • Laundry service available
  • All rooms and areas are cleaned daily

You can almost hear the collective groan of the world when someone mentions the cleaning. But we've got that in hand. There is a laundry service available and we'll make sure that your room is cleaned on a daily basis. We ask that everyone leaves the common areas as they wish to find them. The only things we wish to see strewn about the place are our amazing hammocks... and maybe one or two of you, dozing peacefully.


  • Free wifi
  • Internet access with skype

If you're feeling a little homesick, or just want to contact your friends to tell them how much fun you're having in Brazil and generally rub their noses in the fact that you're here and they're not, all you need to do is patch in to our free wifi network. Your friends deserve to know all about your amazing Itacaré adventures while they're sneaking a peek at Facebook from their office desk.


  • Surf school
  • Tours
  • Trails & adventure
  • Sports bookings
  • Body board & surf board hire

There is so much to do in Itacaré, and we're happy to show how to get to all the right people and places. These activities will help add some sensible structure to the party blur that you may experience. These will be the photo moments you can proudly show to your family while telling them that you had such a cultural, relaxing, holiday.